About This Halifax NS Wedding Photographer…

A little about this Halifax NS wedding photographer and videographer…

Hey there, I’m Sandra Adamson. I have been with my amazing husband, my high school sweetheart, since 1992! We have one fur baby, his name is Jax (a shih tzu we rescued in 8/2017 at the age of 5).They are both the center of my world. Grab your favorite drink, for me that’s a london fog from Tim’s or a diet Dr Pepper. Take some time to get to know me better.

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A Halifax NS Wedding Photographer’s Style & Workflow

You deserve more than just pretty images. You deserve a wedding photographer that gives you an absolutely amazing experience from beginning to end. After all, you will spend more time with your photographer then any other wedding vendor you hire.

About Sandra Adamson a Halifax NS Wedding Photographer.

My Personality

I am a crazy passionate, fun, energetic, very focused and accommodating person. Also very even keeled and slightly conservative. An extremely professional, fly on the wall kind of person but I am known to get giddy with excitement and do a little dance when capturing amazing emotional moments. I love all things DIY and even more so if they are unique and different! I designed and created my one of a kind wedding gown in the images above. Telling my own life’s story in scrapbooks helped to develop my love of telling the love stories of my clients on my blog.

Organized to the extreme, I love having my ducks in row which means your wedding photography is going to run smoothly. The kind of gal who is assertive but rolls with the punches. A problem solver who is direct and in control of every situation. You’re going to get everything you want with the least amount of stress.

My Style

My style is more of a storybook telling and candid style. I love to capture emotional, natural candid, raw moments. Documenting everything is my goal! My imagery style is true to life in colors, rich and vibrant, with strong contrast. Your wedding day portraits are created in a very natural and non posy way. I strive to capture your natural interaction just as you would be in real life when not in front of the camera.

I care about the vision you have for your photography! Collaborating with my clients is extremely important to me. I want you to share your favorite Pinterest and online wedding images with me! Let me get inside your head and take your vision to the next level with my creative and artistic flair to photography and videography!

My Workflow

Did I mention I am extremely organized. Your wedding day timeline is very important to me. I’ve been told by many, that I am like a magician with time;) Just as important is the image list we will build for your big day. We will create these together so that not a single detail or moment is missed.

Everything you share with me and we create together, lives in a folder on my google drive. You will have direct access to this folder. It is extremely important to me that we are always on the same page.

I want you both to be comfortable with me every step of the way. The most important thing to me is capturing every single memory on your special day and giving you the best experience I can. If you love everything you’ve read and seen so far, we definitely need to chat!

I am the photographer for you if

…you are planning an epic wedding party day.
…you want photos that are fun, candid, creative and artistic.
…your wedding photography means just as much to you as your wedding dress does;) Because, I am all about that wedding dress too!

I am not the photographer for you if

…you want a photographer who will make your guests mug for the camera.
…you want to be posed in every single picture, I step in only when my direction isn’t working because I love a more natural look.
…wedding photography isn’t one of the most important things to you on your wedding day.

Meet My Team

Capturing your LVE story is my passion…let’s chat!

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