Wedding Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Wedding bridal bouquet ideas, there are so many options these days! How to choose…real flowers, fake silk flowers or how about an amazing brooch bouquet? Why not add a little special touch to your bridal bouquet like a framed picture of a loved one who is close to your heart. You could also consider combining satin fake flowers into a brooch bouquet.

Make your bridal bouquet as unique as you are! I’ve photographed my fair share of amazing wedding bridal bouquets over the years, here are some of my favorites.

Silk Fake Flower Bridal Bouquets

Although these wedding bouquets are not quite as popular as real floral bouquets, I have seen some beautiful creations with silk fake flowers. Many of these are also DIY so if a friend or family member can do this so can you! They are just as beautiful as real flowers.

The DIY wedding bridal bouquet below made by the bride’s mother, Donna Boudreau. Very talented!!

A silk fake flower wedding bridal bouquet in ivory and navy blue.
A beautiful pink, ivory and peach silk fake floral wedding bridal bouquet.
A silk faux flower bridal bouquet in navy and grey.

Heather, a bride of mine, created her own silk flower bouquet below.

A navy, red and white arrangement of silk fake flowers in a wedding bridal bouquet.

Another amazing silk flower wedding bridal bouquet made by my bride, Kendra. This was my absolute favorite silk flower bouquet, I loves the pastel colors the different shades of pink against the ivory and pastel greens. The added touch a picture of her best friend framed.

A silk flower arrangement of white, pink and green in a wedding bridal bouquet.

Real Flower Bridal Bouquets

There are so many different flowers to choose from like, roses, lilacs, tulips, calla lillies, lily of the valley, hydrangeas, sunflowers and so many more. Here are just a few of my favorite real floral arrangements for bridal bouquets. Sunflower bouquets are by far my absolute favorites.

A beautiful sunflower wedding bridal bouquet with brown accents.
A beautiful wild flower style navy and ivory wedding bridal bouquet.
A real flower wedding bridal bouquet with ivory and purple flowers.
A wedding bridal bouquet of ivory and navy roses and flowers.
A wedding bridal bouquet of ivory and pale pink roses.
A wedding bridal bouquet of ivory roses and navy embellishments.

Blossom Shop wedding bridal bouquet, Cole Harbour Road, Dartmouth.

Real flowers in a wedding bridal bouquet of ivory, purple and pink flowers.

Love this yellow rose wedding bridal bouquet, the butterflies in the greenery was a very unique and different touch.

A wedding bridal bouquet with yellow roses and accented with butterflies.
Wine and ivory flowers in a wedding bridal bouquet.
A wedding bridal bouquet with shades of pink roses and ivory flowers.
An arrangement of purple and pink flowers in a wedding bridal bouquet.

Autumn colored wedding bridal bouquet created by Central Homestead Farms and Floral.

A beautiful wedding bridal bouquet of orange, wines and ivory colored flowers.

Brooch Bridal Bouquets

I LVE brooch bridal bouquets! These are definitely a favorite of mine. I love unique and different things. I am all for DIY, to me it shows a person’s uniqueness and always adds a personal touch.

A fall themed and colored wedding bridal brooch bouquet.
A beautiful white and silver wedding bridal brooch bouquet.
A beautiful silk fake flower wedding bridal brooch bouquet.
A beautiful autumn colored wedding bridal brooch bouquet.
A huge DIY wedding bridal brooch bouquet.

Themed Bridal Bouquets

I think my absolute favorite wedding bridal bouquets are the ones that are extremely unique, different and really capture the personalities of my bride. They are my kindred spirits. For my own wedding I had my girls carry lace fans made from left over lace from my wedding gown. If you’ve read my about me page you will also know that I designed and created my own one of a kind wedding dress as well. The bride below is a fisherwoman so the seashells as a wedding bouquet…absolutely awesome!

A beautiful unique wedding bridal bouquet of seashells.

My Wedding and DIY’in It!

My sister, my mom and I at my wedding in 1998, wedding photography by Denise Ward.

DIY projects for my wedding started with the girls gowns and fans. My wedding bouquet was silk fake flowers created by my next door neighbour’s mother after she took pitty on my attempt at a floral arrangement:) Finally my gown and veil were designed and created by myself with a ton of help from my amazing mother! Who would ever have imagined I would end up a wedding photographer, definitely not me at this time in my life.

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