Halifax Wedding Photographer Education and Equipment

For those of you that may be curious about my wedding photographer education and equipment, this section is for you.


I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University with a major in Human Resources. I also have a certificate from the New York Institute of Photography.


I am always on the look to for a new challenge and the chance to learn something new. It is part of who I am. Always trying to better myself. I will admit I am a bit of a perfectionist. Some of the many seminars I’ve taken to date are listed below.

Joe Buissink Wedding Photography 3 day seminar
Jasmine Star Wedding Photography 5 day seminar
Bridal Boot Camp with Sal Cincotta 3 day seminar
Doug Gordon Photography Project 3 day seminar
Retouching and Creative Photoshop Technique Seminar
Workflow and Album Design using InDesign Seminar
Wedding Cinematography with Ray Roman

and many more…I am constantly upgrading my skills and experience through online seminars and in-person workshops.

Software Experience

I must admit I am a lightroom, photoshop and premiere pro junkie-it’s like watching an elaborate puzzle coming together when I play with my photographs and video clips.

1. Photoshop CC 2020
2. Plugins for photoshop: Nik Software (Color Efex Pro, Viveza, Silver Efex Pro), Topaz Adjust, Noise Ninja, Alien Skin, Portraiture
3. Lightroom CC 2020
4. Adobe Premiere 2020
5. Adobe Audition 2020


Believe me when I tell you, I have your wedding covered and then some, equipment wise. I have enough equipment for my entire team. I’ve got enough back up equipment as well. My present equipment includes the following…

Camera Bodies

Nikon D750 full frame camera bodies (4)


16-35mm f4 Nikon
24-70mm f2.8 Tamron
24-120mm f4 (3) Nikon
70-200mm f2.8 Tamron
105mm f2.8D Nikon
150-600mm Tamron


Nikon SB-910 (2)
Nikon SB-900 (2)

Extra Lighting

Youngou YN216 LED Lights (4)


H4N recorder
H1 recorders (2)
Lav mics (2)

Capturing your L❤VE story is my passion…let’s chat!

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