Public Gardens Engagement Photos, A Love Story…Joanna & Zach

Public Gardens engagement photos, a dream location for any love story. Stunning gardens and willowing trees, you just can’t go wrong. Such a beautiful and warm day for an engagement session. I had a blast capturing their love and I can’t wait for their 2022 wedding! Stay tuned for their sneak peak below.

The Love Story

Joanna and Zach originally met at a townhouse welcoming event. They were paired into the same group by birth month. Zach saw Joanna sitting on the wall and thought she looked adorable.  She thought he was part of the event staff and thought to herself “I hope he doesn’t think I’m a first year”. She was actually a transfer student) The feelings were mutual initially but eventually it was Joanna who made the first move to officially begin dating. They both play Dungeons and Dragons together and love to collect pop figures – they have almost 200 now. 

How was the Question Popped?

Joanna and Zach went for a walk in their favorite park to the spot where they had a picnic on their first anniversary. They brought a friend of theirs to take photos and she got a great pic of Joanna tackling Zach to the ground as she said yes. Luckily there was lots of snow to dampen their fall.

Advice for Newly Engaged Couples

Try to surprise each other from time to time.

Sneak Peak of Their Public Gardens Engagement Photos

Joanna and Zach both originally chose the Halifax public gardens as a backup location but it turned out much better than they could have imagined. Joanna and Zach visited the gardens every time they came to Halifax. At one point Zach had even considered proposing to Joanna there. It’s such a beautiful spot and has plenty of ducks. Joanna is amazing. Zach is very patient and supportive. Here are just a few of my favorites from their engagement photo shoot. thee choices will be added once they’ve viewed their gallery!

An engagement ring lays on a pink lupin flower at the Public Gardens in Halifax NS.
A bride and groom to be pose for their engagement photos at the Public Gardens in Halifax NS.
A groom to be lifts his bride to be into the air during their engagement photos at the Halifax Public Gardens.
A newly engaged couple smile at each other during their engagement photo session at the Halifax Public Gardens.
A beautiful couple dance in the Public Gardens for their engagement photos in Halifax, NS.
A newly engaged couple embracing under a tree at the Public Gardens in Halifax NS for their engagement photos.
A newly engaged couple pose on a bridge for their engagement photos at the Public Gardens in Halifax.
A newly engaged couple pose for their engagement photos at the Halifax Public Gardens in Nova Scotia infront of a rock wall.
A couple in love pose for their engagement photos at the Halifax Public Gardens by sitting in the small castle.
A newly engaged couple embrace, he dips her infront of the huge Public Garden Gates during the engagement session in Halifax.

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