To Have Or Not To Have An Uuplugged Wedding Ceremony

To have or not to have an unplugged wedding ceremony? That is the question! Ultimately, this is your wedding day. I am so honored to be able to capture every moment whether it be plugged or unplugged!

Personally, I feel that my couples should always do what is best for them. My job is to educate both of you. Giving you the information needed to make that decision. Above all, I hope the insight I give will help you make the best decision for your wedding day.

Every wedding photography package I offer has a password protected online gallery. You can choose to allow guests to access this gallery if you wish. Your guests will be able to download the images free of charge. This will allow them to put those cameras, phones and tablets down. So they can experience all the joy and even the tears on your wedding day.

An unplugged wedding ceremony sign welcoming the guests at the ceremony location at Digby Pines.

What is an plugged versus an unplugged wedding ceremony you ask? An unplugged wedding ceremony is when your officiant asks your guests to leave their cameras, phones and tablets off during the duration of your wedding ceremony.

You are hiring a wedding photographer to capture the most amazing candid, emotionally raw moments during your wedding ceremony. Personally, I am for unplugged weddings. Why?

The absolute best reason for having an unplugged wedding, it allows your guests to truly enjoy your wedding ceremony with absolutely no distractions. They will be able to witness the joy, the tears and the true raw emotions of your wedding day first hand. They can miss so much watching your wedding from behind their devices.

Wedding Processional

Wedding processionals and recessionals are truly the worse time for plugged weddings. There is nothing worse then a guest with a camera, jumping in behind the bride and her father as they walk up the aisle. Yes, if you see me make a face as you walk up the aisle….the image below has just happened to you. If seeing the guests in the images below bothers you while the wedding party and bride walk up the aisle then you really should consider an unplugged wedding ceremony.

People in the background of important wedding photos, why you may want an unplugged wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

As I’ve said previously, having an unplugged wedding allows your guests to truly enjoy and be present during your actual wedding ceremony. This gentleman, as an example, had is phone out the entire wedding ceremony and was also moving between the pews and the back of the alter area to get the views he wanted.

A wedding ceremony that should have been unplugged in Halifax.

Wedding Recessional

With the recessional the biggest issue is guests who jump into the aisle to capture that moment. You are pretty safe in churches as most guests do stay in the pew area. However, you may still have that sea of phones in your pictures as below.

The bride and groom walking down the aisle after their wedding ceremony in Dartmouth.

When it’s a wedding ceremony with a chair set up, I find a lot of guests will move into that aisle to capture that precious moment to the determent of your photographer at times. If they are out of reach, there will be nothing your photographer can do discreetly, to have that guest move out of their way. The photo below is a great example. I will try my best tow work around your guests but I won’t try to move a guest if they are not within my grasp and I can’t do it discreetly.

A White Point wedding and why you might want to consider and unplugged wedding ceremony.

I can totally understand the excitement your guests have in wanting to capture your amazing wedding moments. Guests love to post images on their social media accounts and I get that, I really do. If you don’t like what you’ve seen in the images above, I highly recommend an unplugged wedding ceremony. I hope this post has been informative and helps both of you in choosing the best road for you as a couple on your wedding day!

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