Wedding Cake Ideas

There are so many wedding cake ideas. I’m not even sure how one goes about making a decision on what to choose. I’ve photographed a lot of weddings over the years but these would have to be my top 10 favorites. I have some very crazy talented brides. Four of these cakes were made by the brides themselves!!!

Wait for the very last wedding cake! It is my absolute favorite wedding cake of all time. I am not sure anything will ever be able to top it. The talent amongst these wedding cake creators is just incredible. So without further adhue, enjoy.

Elegant Wedding Cakes

Absolutely love the sparkly gold fondant on this beautiful wedding cake. Even the floral topper is so impressive. Not at all overshadowing. Just simply so incredibly gorgeous. I’ve always been partial to the swirly design at the bottom of the cake. My eyes seem to always get really drawn to that. Cake Babes did a phenomenal job.

A gold fondant 2 tier wedding cake with floral wedding cake toppers at a White Point Beach Resort wedding.

I absolutely LVE the flowers on this wedding cake. They were so incredibly intricate and the colors are just so complimentary together. As a result I honestly didn’t want the bride and groom to cut it. Look at those An absolute masterpiece!

A 3 tier wedding cake with flower wedding cake toppers at an Ashburn Golf Club wedding.

The simple, elegance of an all ivory wedding cake. So eye catching. The details are so stunning and intricate on this cake. Just so incredibly pretty. I also absolutely L❤VE the simple decorations around the cake.

An elegant ivory wedding cake with bride and groom figurine at a Lord Nelson Hotel wedding.

I loved the simple and elegant look of this cake. The lit up letters H and N compliment it so well. I felt they really set the cake off. The decorations around the cake were simple enough that they didn’t take away from the cake in anyway. Mercedes at Sky’s the Limit, Custom Cakes did an amazing job!

A 4 tier wedding cake with figurine wedding cake toppers and marquee letters lit up at the Bedford Basin Market.

Floral Wedding Cakes

Another beautiful floral style wedding cake with a resulting story behind it involving my video lights. She decided to have all of her bridesmaids bring the cake to the lights! My heart was in my throat but they very slowly moved the cake to the head table. I honestly couldn’t believe it made it there in one piece. This beautiful wedding cake was made by a friend who really loves the bride, Gillian Reddy.

A three tier flower decorated wedding cake at a Best Western Chocolate Lake wedding in Halifax.

This wedding cake has an amazing story aswell! It was designed and created by the bride. She told me she really wanted to have a picture of her holding the cake. Talk about panic mode setting in as the bride and groom picked up the cake and shifted into place infront of her. But we got that much wanted picture for her.

A 4 tier wedding cake with gold wedding cake topper designed by the bride at a Best Western Chocolate Lake wedding.

Themed Wedding Cakes

Who doesn’t love an autumn themed wedding? Another stunning wedding cake creation like because of the detail and colors! I love everything about this cake, all of the details. This beautiful creation was designed and made by the bride herself and her maid of honor. Such talent!

A 2 tier autumn themed wedding cake with pumpkins and love wedding cake topper at a White Point wedding.

Continuing on with the themed style wedding cakes a snowman cake! OMG, I just LVED this cake too. Talk about absolutely unique. The attention to detail and those snowman toppers, it’s awesome! Another amazing creation from one of my very talented brides!

An awesome winter themed wedding cake with snowman wedding cake toppers at a Lower Deck Tap Room wedding.

Another themed wedding cake, nautical this time. Loved all the attention to detail. Right down to the rope around the middle area. Beautifully creation by Cake Babes!

A nautical sea themed wedding cake with gold mr and mrs wedding cake topper at a Juno Tower Halifax wedding..

My Favorite Wedding Cake

The final wedding cake is my all time absolute favorite wedding cake! This one was just unbelievable! It was layers of different cheesecakes and I will never forget it! It was made by a friend of the bride and groom, Jean-Luc Doridam. The bride and groom LVE cheese! The talent is just unreal. I was at a loss for words, honestly. He is so talented I am going to give you close up views of it in several images.

A 5 tier cheesecake themed wedding cake with mice on each level.
A 5 tier cheesecake themed wedding cake with mice on each level.
A 5 tier cheesecake themed wedding cake with mice on each level.
A 5 tier cheesecake themed wedding cake with mice on each level.
A 5 tier cheesecake themed wedding cake with mice on each level.

There are a ton of very talented wedding cake designers in this post and every single one of them amazes me. But we can’t forget about the cupcakes designers, they are up next for blogging.

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