Top Wedding Food Trucks in Nova Scotia

Wedding food trucks in Nova Scotia, you’ll find all the the pros, cons and things to think about below. Are you thinking about using a food truck to cater your wedding reception in Nova Scotia? I’ve seen alot of brides and grooms asking about renting food truck as of late, so I decided to take some time and gather all the food trucks available presently within Nova Scotia to help you out! Make sure you read to the end to see that list.

I’ve yet to have the pleasure of a wedding with a food truck, so if you’re planning to have one, I’d L❤VE to chat with you! I think they are such a unique and awesome idea! Right up my alley.

A cute vintage bus turned into a food truck great for weddings.
Image by Artem_Dmitriev from Pixabay

Pros of Wedding Food Trucks

If you’re looking for a unique experience for your guests this could be just what you’ve been looking for. Depending on the type of food truck you are considering, they can be a very good representation of the local culture for your out of province guests. It’s definitely catering your guests won’t forget.

They will add character to your wedding too! Think about the pictures you could get of you and your groom infront of a cute dessert style truck. Talk about unique wedding photos. There is no better way to support a local small business too!

Food trucks also tend to have a less expensive per person cost then an upscale, three course meal set up. If you’re looking to cut back in your budget this may be one way to go. Food trucks also usually have larger portions which will go a long way in satisfying your guests appetites’.

Or perhaps you have booked a wedding venue that doesn’t have a kitchen? A food truck can be a great alternative in this situation.

BBQ food truck menu for a wedding in halifax, nova scotia.
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Cons of Wedding Food Trucks

There are some issues that could be seen as cons for having a food truck cater your wedding reception. Longer wait times for your guests as everything is cooked to order although there are ways to get around this. Limiting the food truck menu to just a few options can help. Having several of these choices ready to go for your hungry guests as they approach the window. Perhaps ask the food truck vendor if they have a buffet style option that can be set up just outside the truck so guests can help themselves.

Most food trucks specialize in a couple food options and may be less accommodating when it comes to dietary restrictions. Think about your guests and whether this could become a concern and discuss this with the vendor you choose.

You may find that you have to add additional time and financial resources to handle the set up, beverage services, dessert and clean up if the food truck vendor doesn’t offer this.

Things to Consider

A cute horse carriage made into a food truck for weddings.
Image by Ditney from Pixabay

There are a few things to consider when hiring a food truck for your wedding reception.

The Truck Itself

Does the wedding venue you’ve chosen have the room for a food truck? You will need a large space to accommodate the truck. You will also need a location that is close to the tables where your guests will sit. Think about the venue location, some trucks can’t go up certain grades when it comes to hills.

What happens if it rains, a con that is totally out of everyone’s control? Have a contingency plan, talk with your food truck vendor about this.

Consider the season your wedding will be in. An ice cream truck may not be a great choice if you wedding is in the winter;)

Does the look of the truck matter to you, will it mix well with your wedding theme?

A food truck which would be great for a wedding.
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Menu & Guest Count

Do you want a truck that offers beverages, food and dessert? Look at the menu for the different trucks and choose the one that best compliments your wedding plans. Ask your truck vendor if they have taste tests. Be sure to also ask how may guests the food truck can handle too:)

Food Trucks in Nova Scotia

Food Trucks

Asado Wood Fired Grill – Halifax, NS
Barnyard Grill – Truro, NS
Big Hymie’s Takeout – Goshen, NS
ChefInspired (geko&cheescurds truck) – Dartmouth, NS
Little Rollin Bistro – Sydney, NS
Mr Smooth Fruit smoothies and grill – Cole Harbour, NS
Selkie’s Neighbourhood Diner & The Mermaid Food Truck – Sydney, NS
Sizzles BBQ Catering – Truro, NS
Stand and Stuff Your Face – Baddeck, NS – please note they are unavailable until Fall 2022.
The Joint Mobile Grill – Inverness, NS
The Nomad Gourmet Halifax, NS
The Purple People Feeder – Halifax, NS
The Smokinstein Food Truck – Halifax, NS
The Waffle Bus Stop – Antigonish, NS

Dessert Food Trucks

BeaverTails Mobile – Halifax, NS
CoolBus Treats – Tantallon, NS
Millers Kettle Corn Truck – Halifax, NS
Roll on Two Chimney Cakes – Halifax, NS
Sweet Ideas – Hammonds Plains, NS

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