A Backyard Cottage Intimate Wedding with Marisa and Dylan

Marisa and Dyan had a backyard cottage intimate wedding ceremony on September 20th, 2020. They decided to go ahead and get married this year and chose Marisa’s family cottage, which was only accessible by boat, due to the trying covid times. The cottage was still in their aesthetic and the location meant a huge deal to Marisa. The cottage allowed for a beautiful outdoor ceremony and enough room for their family and friends to gather and eat 🙂 Marisa and Dylan have plans to have their larger wedding next year at Hubbards Barn. Stay tuned for part 2 of their wedding story in September of 2021.

An intimate backyard cottage wedding in Hubbards Nova Scotia during covid.
A beautiful birch wood wedding trellis decorated in purple flowers for a wedding in Hubbards Nova Scotia.

How They Met

Marisa and Dylan met through a mutual friend who set up a dungeons and dragons group that they both joined. Dylan was the Dungeon master and the rest of us played the campaign he had set up for us. After a few weeks of playing Marisa started driving Dylan home from the game. Valentine’s Day comes around and their friends go on a anti-valentines day trip to the movies to see dead pool. Dylan tags along. (Not their first date but everyone keeps arguing with Marisa on this point). A week and a half later Dylan asks Marisa out and the rest is history!

The Wedding Prep Photos

It was the first wedding I’ve ever had to take a boat to and Marita, my second photographer, thought I looked so uncomfortable during the entire boat ride, she was a bit right lol. Marisa’s parents and grandparents own two cottages side by side on a lake in Hubbard’s. A beautiful and scenic space for a intimate wedding ceremony. Marisa and her bridesmaids got ready in one of the cottages while Dylan got ready in the adjacent cottage with his groomsmen.

A bride gets ready for her backyard wedding ceremony during bridal prep in Hubbards Nova Scotia.
A bride with bridesmaids during the bridal prep for her backyard wedding in Hubbards NS.

The Intimate Wedding Ceremony Photos

As Marisa and Dylan met over a dungeons and dragons game they opted to intertwine that theme into their wedding ceremony. Marisa is very much a DIY kind of girl and loved making all of the decorations herself. Their theme was rustic modern with a color scheme of purple green and yellow. They both chose this because they love the feel of the outdoors and the cozy ness of the rustic look. Purple is the main color of their wedding theme because Marisa’s dress has dark purple running down the back of it, a dress she is saving for the big wedding next year. Green and yellow to complement the purple.

a dungeon and dragons themed wedding in Hubbards Nova Scotia.

The date they chose for their wedding was really important to both of them. Marisa and Dylan met through dungeons and Dragons and he proposed through dungeons and dragons. To have a wedding date with a bunch of 20s in it seemed so perfect. (Rolling a 20 during D&D is the best roll you can have). Marisa has also always wanted to get married in September since she was a little girl. Always amazing weather in September, even covid can’t stop them from rolling on.

A bride and groom get married during an intimate wedding ceremony at a cottage in Hubbards NS during covid.
The bride and groom exchange wedding rings during their intimate covid wedding in Hubbards NS.
The bride and groom sign their marriage certificate while guests and bridesmaids blow bubbles around them during their covid intimate wedding ceremony in Hubbards NS.
The bride and groom have their first kiss during their covid intimate wedding ceremony in Hubbards NS.

The Wedding Party Photos

We had to finish off the hour with just a few wedding party photos until next year, stay tuned for the second half of this beautiful rustic wedding at the Hubbards Barn!:)

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