A Surprise Dartmouth Backyard Wedding Caitlin and Sean

A surprise autumn themed Dartmouth backyard wedding in November of 2015! Yes, you heard that right. Caitlin and Sean invited all of their friends and family to a backyard engagement party. It would turn into their wedding day and a huge surprise for all of their guests, even her best friend was left out of the loop.

A backyard wedding set up for the autumn with a pig roast.
A backyard wedding set up in the fall with apples, raking leaves and wedding arch with autumn leaves.

The Wedding Prep Photos

This was the surprise of all surprises for one of Caitlin’s best friends. Onew knew the other didn’t. She literally had no idea her bff would be getting married today and her expression when she found out proved that. Caitlin got ready for her wedding day next door at a neighbors house. She grabbed her mother (who knew) and her bff a headed next door. Sean got ready right in their home where the wedding was taking place.

The short style wedding dress and the bridal brooch bouquet.
The bride with her bestfriends during bridal prep on her wedding day.
Mom helping the bride put on her birdcage veil during bridal prep.

The Backyard Wedding Ceremony Photos

Caitlin and Sean’s Dartmouth backyard wedding ceremony was short and simple but very sweet . Just the way the bride and groom wanted it. I’m not even sure it was more than ten minutes in length.

The bride walking up the backyard wedding aisle to meet her groom on their autumn wedding day in Dartmouth, NS.
The bride and groom exchange vows and wedding rings during their backyard wedding ceremony in Dartmouth, NS.
The bride and groom share their first kiss during their backyard wedding in Dartmouth, NS.

The Bride and Groom Wedding Photos

Caitlin and Sean had set up a very beautiful fall themed setting for their wedding photos. Everything was done right there in the front yard among the trees. Loved the DIY fall themed items, especially the sunflwoers and the apple basket. This was so my scene with the rustic wooden crates and the hay bails. Loved it, right down to their initials framed!

The bride and groom created a beautiful fall setting for their wedding photos during their backyard wedding in Dartmouth, NS.
The bride and groom created a beautiful fall setting for their wedding photos during their backyard wedding in Dartmouth, NS.

The Backyard Wedding Reception Photos

This was a very simple wedding, no first dance, just alot of mingling with guests for the rest of the night. Lots of beer in the beer boat to keep everyone going into the evening too! For dinner they had a pig road, this was another first for me, something I’ve never seen before.

A backyard wedding with a beer boat for the wedding reception.
A pig roast and bbq at a backyard wedding in Dartmouth, NS.

The wedding cake, oh wow, that cake! This is a cake I will never forget as long as I photograph weddings. The talent of the artist who created it was absolutely unreal! Bricks of cheesecake molded into different types of cheese, then mice on every level of the bricks of cheese! Incredibly unique. Not sure any other wedding cake will be able to beat this one for me.

A awesome wedding cheesecake shaped into bricks of cheese with little mice on each brick.
The bride and groom cut their very unique wedding cheesecake cake.

My very first attempt at night photography happened this evening. Caitin and Sean had decorated a tree with tons of twinkle lights and I just had to give this a try. What I learned…I’ve not mastered my speed light as well as I thought will need to practise with it after dark with twinkle lights and perhaps invest in a portable softbox. Thought I these were decent results for my first go at it;) Caitlin and Sean were great sports as I tried to figure it out too, thanks guys!

My very first attempt at night photography with the bride and groom and the trees with twinkle lights turned on during their backyard wedding in Dartmouth, NS.

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